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Surgical site infection could lead to obesity, high blood sugar

Posted by RHHAdmin on Jul 30, 2012 8:15:00 AM

Many seniors may find their joints are not what they used to be, which could cause a need for surgery down the line. However, older adults and their home health care providers should be aware of the dangers that could come post-surgery.

According to two studies published in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (JBJS), post-surgical infections after an orthopedic trauma or a total joint replacement could lead to a greater risk of high blood sugar or obesity. The research teams looked at a link between surgical site infections and hyperglycemia, otherwise known was high blood glucose or sugar.

Researchers looked at patients who were 18 years old or older who required orthopedic surgery. The 790 patients who were included in the study did not have a diagnosed case of diabetes.

The scientists found that hyperglycemia was a major risk factor for surgical site infections that came about after 30 days of the operation. The study's authors are hopeful that this kind of research will help detect the infection earlier and treat it before the blood's sugar levels rise. Those who are providing home health care to surgical patients may also want to be on the lookout for such infections.

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