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Study: Black stroke survivors have an increased risk of high blood pressure, repeat stroke

Posted by RHHAdmin on Aug 17, 2012 8:08:00 AM

People providing home health care to black patients who have had a stroke may want to be mindful of the rocky journey ahead.

According to research from the Georgetown University Medical Center, African Americans who survived a stroke that was caused by bleeding of the brain had higher blood pressure levels than Caucasian patients. The researchers noted that this higher blood pressure could mean an increased risk of having another stroke.

"Identifying how prevalent high blood pressure is this far out from a stroke can help us tailor intervention programs that can truly make a difference," said Dr. Chelsea Kidwell, a professor in the department of Neurology at GUMC and director of its Stroke Center. "Another risk factor for having a stroke is age and that obviously can't be changed, but we have numerous ways to help patients control their blood pressure which can be done with medication, diet and exercise. We know that reducing blood pressure can cut in half the risk of having a second stroke."

Kidwell continued that treatment may not be able to help either, as some of the African American patients still had high blood pressure despite taking medication.

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