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Smartphone apps can help home health care providers

Posted by RHHAdmin on Feb 24, 2012 8:36:00 AM

There are over a million smartphone applications that exist to help users with anything from ordering a pizza to managing a bank account. It is only a matter of time before this technology breaks into the home health care market, but recently organizations are preaching the benefits of existing platforms.

For example, Senior Care Corner recently discussed several simple apps that seniors could use in their daily lives. Calendar and alarm clock programs can alert the elderly when they need to take their medicine, or when a private care attendant is coming over to their house. A medical supply platform can act as a virtual mail-order pharmacy and allow seniors to obtain items from home.

"The future will bring many more options for family caregivers to use their smartphones and other devices to improve the lives of their senior loved ones," said Senior Care Corner co-founder Barry Birkett, according to the Times Union. "In the meantime, existing apps can provide a lot of benefit without a lot of ongoing effort."

Eventually, senior citizens might be able to check things like Medicare coverage with a smartphone application, but until now they will have to make do with available methods.

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