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Senior drivers can easily parallel-park with new technology

Posted by RHHAdmin on Feb 28, 2012 9:19:00 AM

If a driver is classified as a senior citizen, it is generally expected that they will gracefully surrender their license if they are physically unable to practice safe driving procedures. This includes checking side and rear-view windows, correctly operation gas and brake pedals and having quick reaction times.

A joint study conducted by Ford and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) determined that after age 70, over half of adults experience a 50 percent decline in spinal mobility. This makes something as simple as looking to the side difficult, which is why Ford developed an electronic system that aids when parallel parking.

This unique feature senses if a space is big enough and actually takes control of the steering wheel for safe parking. An auditory beep signals an appropriate gape, and all a person needs to do is operate the gas and brake pedals to even out the car. This is great news for seniors in assisted living centers who like to do their own shopping or drive to their own appointments.

In the past, a private care attendant would be responsible for transporting a senior citizen around. But with new technology like the Ford parallel parking features, the elderly may soon be back on the road in force.

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