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Residential Nurse Alert 8000 Launched

Posted by Meaghan Starling on Dec 23, 2013 12:15:00 PM

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Residential Nurse Alert Call ButtonTroy, Mich. (December 23, 2013) Residential Home Health, a Troy, Michigan-based provider of home health care services in Michigan and Illinois, announced the launch of its exclusive mobile nurse-on-call offering, Residential Nurse Alert 8000 today. 

This new version of the specialized response system allows patients and their caregivers to press a button on the cellular-enabled Nurse Alert unit anywhere, anytime to receive immediate assistance when they have any health question or concern. 

After reaching a Residential Nurse Alert Care Representative, clients can request to be connected to a Residential Home Health nurse any time, day or night. 

In the case of an emergency, protocols arranged by Residential and the patient’s family are followed.  This may mean contacting the patient’s caregiver, connecting the patient to a Residential Home Health nurse for further evaluation, or dispatching emergency services.

The Nurse Alert program is designed to ensure that patients’ main caregivers and clinical providers stay informed of their health status and that their individualized care plans are followed.  The service is bundled within the first 60 days of Residential Home Health patients’ service with no cost to the patient.

Residential Nurse Alert Call Button“Residential continues to seek and implement innovative technology and resources to best support our patients and their caregivers. Residential Nurse Alert 8000 exemplifies this goal, providing mobile, concierge-level service that brings the bed-side hospital call button home. With this program, patients have one-button cellular access to our Residential Care Team anywhere, anytime, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year,” said David Curtis, president of Residential Home Health. “Residential Nurse Alert 8000 provides multifaceted support, invaluable not just in times of emergency or health-related concerns but also when any other patient need arises. By growing confidence and increasing safety for patients and, in turn, caregivers, this Residential-exclusive offering also helps our hospital, SNF and physician partners avoid many unnecessary hospital readmissions.”

Residential Nurse Alert has been an essential part of the Residential Home Health hospital readmission solution since its inception in January of 2012, and more than 1,350 patients have benefitted from having this service in their homes.  According to the Centers for Disease Control, 13.3% of emergency department visits result in hospitalization.  In the past six months alone, Nurse Alert has allowed its clients to avoid 170 eminent emergency room visits through interventions involving a Residential nurse or patient’s caregiver.

Residential Home Health offers the Nurse Alert service in partnership with Critical Signal Technologies your Link to Life (CST-LTL), who provides the software and call center for Residential Nurse Alert and works carefully within Residential’s protocols.  “Residential Home Health is a leader in developing patient-centered solutions. It has now leveraged technology in an innovative way to complement and enhance traditional home care. The Residential Nurse Alert program is a prime example of how Residential’s team continually addresses the key issues confronting the healthcare climate,” said Jeff Prough, CEO and President of CST.

The program is especially recommended for anyone who has a chronic illness, takes multiple medications, has a history of falling or dizziness, has vision deficiencies or experiences muscle weakness or mobility problems when walking or climbing the stairs.

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