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Research shows having a job may be beneficial to diabetes care

Posted by RHHAdmin on Aug 29, 2012 7:46:00 AM

With obesity continuing to plague Americans, many are concerned with the diabetes care they may need as they enter old age. However, the medical community has been developing new ways that can help make living with the disease easier.

New research out of the University of Michigan suggests people who are diabetic or prone to the disease may be doing their health a favor if they have a steady job.

The researchers suggested these patients who are employed are more likely to take their oral anti-diabetic medications than those who are unemployed. Interestingly, there was no cause-and-effect relationship that was tied to insurance and taking medication.

"Workforce participation for adults with diabetes and other chronic conditions command the attention of public policymakers, particularly when prioritizing resource allocation," said lead researcher Rajesh Balkrishnan of the U-M College of Pharmacy and School of Public Health. "As a starting position, health care providers and systems need standard processes to identify individuals facing financial pressure and their vulnerability to lower medication adherence."

Those who have a hard time adhering to medication prescriptions may want to consider getting a home health care worker to help them with their doses.

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