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Paula Deen uses diabetes diagnosis to help others

Posted by RHHAdmin on Jan 19, 2012 8:24:00 AM

Celebrity chef Paula Deen has made a name for herself with her rich, "down-home" Southern cooking that is known for its butter, sugar and heavy cream. The chef recently announced that she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and is now reworking her recipes to help others like her enjoy them healthfully, USA Today reports.

The "queen of Southern cuisine," 64, was diagnosed three years ago, but decided to keep the news "close to her chest" so as not to misinform anyone about the condition, she told the news outlet.

Now, she is working with diabetes medication manufacturer Novo Nordisk on their Diabetes in a New Light campaign. As part of this program, Deen is re-working some of her most popular dishes to make them "diabetic friendly."

Some critics and fans are wondering why Deen continued to promote the unhealthy foods she became famous for while knowing that they likely contributed largely to her condition, which is particularly prevalent in obese people. On ABC's The Chew recently, Deen explained how the disease is "not a death sentence," but merely requires a change in lifestyle.

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