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Oregon art gallery focuses on 'geezers'

Posted by RHHAdmin on Apr 26, 2012 8:41:30 AM

Art is often seen as the realm of the young and passionate, but older adults play a large role in the industry. Amy Hederson of the Portland, Oregon area recently opened a new gallery to showcase artwork by seniors, as well as highlight their contribution to the art world and create a new way to focus on ageism.

The Geezer Gallery, located in Southwest Portland, is a large gallery space dedicated to the works of the over-60 crowd. These artists may be lifelong painters and sculptors, or woodworkers and potters just finding their creative streak later in life.

"There are so many older artists who found their passion after they retired," Henderson told the New York Times. "They're talented. They want to show their work and be appreciated."

Henderson notes that the unique gallery and its name are meant to be provocative - its mission is to encourage dialogue about the societal effects of aging and what it means to be a "geezer." In addition to providing a place for senior artists to display their work and presenting the community with a unique, thought-provoking experience, Henderson and the gallery provide connections to local resources for services such as Alzheimer's care and assisted living facilities.

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