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New research shines light on benefits of jogging

Posted by RHHAdmin on May 4, 2012 7:33:52 AM

As baby boomers continue to age, many are trying to put off the need for elder care as long as possible so they can continue to live independently. Now, new research shows that taking a simple jog could do wonders for one's life.

Research out of the European Society of Cardiology reveals jogging on a regular basis could increase life expectancy by up to 6.2 years. The study's authors wrote that men who ran on a regular basis of between one and two-and-a-half hours a week increased their lifespan by 6.2 years, while women increased theirs by 5.6 years.

"The results of our research allow us to definitively answer the question of whether jogging is good for your health," said Peter Schnohr, who is chief cardiologist of the Copenhagen City Heart Study. "We can say with certainty that regular jogging increases longevity. The good news is that you don't actually need to do that much to reap the benefits."

Those who are receiving private home care may want to talk to their aide and see if they can increase their exercise routine under supervision.

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