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Milk proven to have cognitive benefits

Posted by RHHAdmin on Jan 30, 2012 8:52:00 AM

Drinking milk is often recommended for seniors because it is a good source of calcium, protein and vitamin D. However, a recent study published in the International Dairy Journal found that adults who had higher intakes of milk and milk products had significantly higher scores on memory and other brain tests than people who drank little to no milk.

In a study of 900 men and women ages 23 to 98, researchers from the University of Maine tracked the milk consumption habits of the participants and put them through a series of brain tests that measured visual-spatial, verbal and working memory skills.

Regardless of age, people who drank at least one glass of milk a day had an advantage in all eight different measures of mental performance, the researchers found. This was true even after researchers controlled factors such as cardiovascular issues or other lifestyle factors.

Although researchers are not yet sure exactly what it is about milk that had such an advantage on the brain, they note that it is an easy food to fit into a healthy diet.

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