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Eating for Disease Management? This Healthier Cookie Is a Sweet Cheat

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From Stage to Page, Advice and Humor as a Showbiz Legend Turns 90

For Care with Consistency and Comfort, There’s No Place like Home

Adaptive Solutions Protect and Promote Longer Aging in Place

Detroit Free Press Names Residential a 2015 Top Workplace in Michigan

This Simple, Healthier Homemade Stuffing Will Get Gobble-Gobbled Up

Eat Well for Awareness and Action this American Diabetes Month

Spotlight on Family Caregivers This Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

Residential Home Health Named a 2015 HomeCare Elite Top Agency

Health News Round-Up: Plan Ahead Before Driving Becomes Unwise

Explore a Common Lung Disease for National COPD Awareness Month

Lyrical Language and Vivid Recall in Memoir of Stroke and Recovery

Step Aside, Pumpkin — This Stuffed Squash Is Our Chairman of the Gourd

Move, Flex, and Feel Freer for National Physical Therapy Month

Medications Matter — Urgent Action to Correct a Dangerous Misstep

Keen Attention and Diligent Support for National Case Management Week

Health News Round-Up: ‘Genetic Counseling’ to Comprehend Cancer Risks

Vibrant Symposium on End of Life Invigorates C3MD 2015

Outside Looking In: Expert Help to Spot a Troubling Pattern

Exhilarating (and Safe!) Exercise for Active Aging Week and Anytime

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Spelling it Out: Author Reflects on Her Breast Cancer, from A to Z

You Can’t Stop the Season, but You Can Prevent Falls

A Delectable, Classic Autumn Dessert — with No Added Sugar

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ValuableCaregiver Training Boosts Patient Safety and Capability

Fresh, Local, Sweet, and Tart: Healthy Produce Tips for Harvest Time

Fundamental Facts and Tips for National Cholesterol Education Month

Health News Round-Up: Combating Cancer from a New Research Angle

A Bestselling Surgeon’s Striking Vantage on Aging and Care Priorities

Up Close and Personal — The Irreplaceable Value of Being There

Preventing and Treating a Common Eye Disorder: A Cataract Primer

Get Comfort Food Creaminess with a Clever, Healthy Substitution

Health News Round-Up: An ‘Ounce of Preemption’ Before Treatment

Correct the Unexpected — Full Assistance for an Unfamiliar Condition

Residential Staff Story: ‘The Importance of Medication Reconciliation’

Immunization for Seniors — Prevent Infection to Preserve Health

Health News Round-Up: Cracking Down on Added Sugars

Compassionate Storytelling Uncovers the Value of Caregiver Self-Care

Scrumptious Tropical Flavors Make a Meal of a Light Summer Salad

Extra Time and Training for an Above-and-Beyond Confidence Boost

Health News Round-Up: Conference Targets Widespread Caregiving Strains

Hands-on Assistance and Remote Advice — A Tale of Two Alerts

In Extreme Summer Heat, Cool Health and Safety Tips for Seniors

Coping with the Emotional Impact of a Chronic Illness

Treat Your Feet — Frequent Monitoring Keeps Potential Dangers in Check

Health News Round-Up: Cardiac Health Gains and Heart Attack Response

Treat Your Feet — Promote Blood Flow, Don’t Wait to Circulate

Depression Insights and Personal Battles in One Encyclopedic Book

Treat Your Feet — The Right Socks and Shoes Will Have You Covered

Summer Cookout Indulgence for a Patriotic Sweet Tooth

Health News Round-Up: Even With a Cart, Golf Is Serious Exercise

Treat Your Feet — A Surefire Routine for the Daily Clean

Expert Attention, New Resources, and Coordination in One Simple Button

Treat Your Feet — Diabetes Management from Heel to Toe

Health News Round-Up: New Medicaid Rule Emphasizes Home Health Care

Explore a Common Speech Impairment for Aphasia Awareness Month

Quick Responses and Immediate Action Enable a Lifesaving Intervention

To Have and to Hold On: Caregiver’s Memoir of Keeping Husband at Home

How Can I Relieve Chronic Pain Associated With Disease or Treatment?

This Memorial Day, Welcome Grilling Season with Irresistible Burgers

Health News Round-Up: Role of Technology in Elder Care

Perception + Deduction + Follow-Through = Stellar Care

Celebrate Better Hearing & Speech Month with Clarity and Confidence

Should You Consider Home Health Care? And How Can You Find Out?

Embracing the New — Frequent Use to Make the Most of New Technology

Celebrating Our Caring, Skillful Nurses this National Nurses Week

Home Health Care on a Mission: ‘The Care Is Indeed Universal’

Health News Round-Up: Building a Better Shingles Vaccine

Music Therapy Matters: a Residential Hospice MT Goes to Lansing

Research and Reason Enable Informed, Compassionate Decision-Making

Supercharge Your Day with a Powerful Breakfast Smoothie

‘Eureka!’ — Turning the Corner toward Disease Self-Management

It’s Worth the Effort: Recognize and Manage Caregiver Stress

Residential Recognizes National Healthcare Decisions Day

Celebrate Occupational Therapy Month with a Safer, More Capable You

Health News Round-Up: To Improve Health, Learn About Your Disease

Should Your Elderly Parent Move In With You?

Patient’s Wise Emergency Preparedness Enables Safer Aging in Place

Do you know when 911 is the right call?

Part Guide, Part Workbook, Part Index — A ‘Complete’ Caregiver Aid

Health News Round-Up: Practical Advice from a Medical Social Worker

Go Meatless — and Savory and Filling and Nutritious, Too

Steady Encouragement Helps One Patient Reclaim Her Independence

Residential Patient Story: ‘They Helped Make the Impossible Possible’

Celebrate Registered Dietitian Day with In-the-Know Nutrition

Residential Hospice Welcomes Dr. Orest Sowirka as New Medical Director

Forming a Caregiver-Clinician Partnership to Address Dementia Concerns

Alternative Media for Seniors with Low Vision

With Scrutiny of U.S. Elder Care, an Author’s Call for ‘Dignity’

Health News Round-Up: Exercise Benefits Parkinson’s Patients

Modify Bathrooms and Kitchens with Adaptive Equipment and Expert Help

Patient Advocacy in Action: Clinical Support with Lifesaving Results

In Frigid February, a Recipe for Warm and Healthy Hearts

Accurate Weight Tracking for Heart Health and Cardiac Rehabilitation

Seniors and Pets: Understanding the Risks and Rewards

Removing the ‘What If’ – Reassurance after a Fall

Home Lighting Updates — Bright Ideas to Improve Safety

Experts Offer a Glimpse into a Dementia Patient’s Reality

When Care Meets Caring: Finding Immediate Relief When It’s Needed Most

Diabetes Management — Are You Prepared for a Hypoglycemia Emergency?

Help Loved Ones with Dementia Eat and Drink to Stay Healthy at Home

This One-Dish Meal Pairs Diabetes Management with Rustic Flavor

‘Palliative Care’ — The Patient’s Magic Word

Facilitating Peace in the Wake of Extraordinary Circumstances and Loss

Seniors Can Quit Smoking — And It’s Never Too Late to Benefit

Complete Fall Prevention Includes Preparing For Fall Incidences

Five Wishes for the New Year and Beyond

Residential Rewind 2014: Home Health Blog Top 5 Posts of the Year

Caregiver’s Tragicomic Memoir Taps Into Familiar Feelings

Aging in Place — DIY Shower Safety

Choosing Your Perfect Personal Emergency Response System

Anytime Diabetes Support — Avoiding a Hypoglycemia Crisis

Managing Diabetes — Eating Tips for a Sweet Holiday

LSVT & Medication Reconciliation – One Patient’s Path to Enjoying Life Again

Giving Patients the Tools They Need to Stay Out of the Hospital and In Control

Stay Out of the Hospital – Choose Providers Who Communicate Like All-Stars

Finding In-Home Health Care for Seniors in Michigan and Illinois

Medication Dangers – How to Keep Your Loved One Safe

10 Scams Targeting Seniors and Tips to Protect Your Loved One

Bathing Tips for Older Adults with Dementia

Little Known Way to Validate a Durable Power of Attorney Saving Time & Aggravation

4 Activities Couples Dealing With Dementia Can Enjoy Together

Education and Support Help to Restore Confidence and Independence

Securing Home Care before Discharge from the Hospital

Home Alteration Projects Help Keep Mom Safe

3 Ways to Unleash the Power of Rituals in Dementia Care

Conquering the Medication Challenge

Endurance Exercise to Reduce the Risk of Falling

Navigating Tough Transitions with Personalized Care

Strategies for Recognizing and Avoiding Compassion Fatigue

Newfound Hope for Dementia Caregivers Inspired by The 36-Hour Day

Graham Holdings Company Invests in Residential Healthcare Group

5 Tips to Successfully Manage Medications

Movement Disorder Specialist: Beyond a General Neurologist

Why UTIs Can Complicate Dementia in Some Seniors

Elmhurst Memorial Home Health, Hospice services join Residential Home Health

What Everyone Ought to Know about Palliative Care

Raise Awareness Because Anyone Can Get Parkinson’s Disease

See How Easily You Can Improve Incontinence with Hydration

Parkinson’s Disease Awareness in April!

8 Simple Ways for Caregivers to Promote Healthy Hydration in Seniors

The Secret to Maintaining the Independence of your Loved One with Dementia

How to Differentiate between Natural Aging and Dementia

Precautionary Measures to Keep Your Wandering Loved One Safe

A Simple, Reliable Test to Predict Fall Risk

6 Healthy Meal Planning Tips for Caregivers

Heart-Healthy Strategies to Reduce Sodium Intake

Advocating for Your Loved One During Hospital Discharge

In the News: The Importance of Balance in Fall Prevention

3 Tips to Prevent Incontinence, a Symptom of Dementia & Alzheimer’s

Reduce the Chance of Your Loved One Returning to the Hospital

Dispelling 3 Common Myths Surrounding the Elderly and Fall Prevention

Fear of Falling Increases Risk of Falling

8 Ways to Help a Loved One Coping with Perseveration, a Symptom of Dementia or Alzheimer’s

Wandering Seniors with Dementia Risk Suffering Serious Injury or Death

Differences between Home Health Care and Private Duty Care

Life after Joint Replacement and In-Home Therapy

Medications, Side Effects and Fall Prevention

Successfully Interacting with a Loved One with Dementia

Choosing an Orthopedic Surgeon

Happy New Year!

Lifting Holiday Spirits at Karmanos

Dementia Communication Strategies: The 90 Second Rule

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Residential Home Health!

Residential Nurse Alert 8000 Launched

8 Ways to Prevent Falling This Winter

Your Joint Replacement Surgery and Blood Thinners

Will Medicare Cover My Home Care Services?

Residential Home Health Named 2013 HomeCare Elite Top Agency

Residential Home Health / Residential Hospice Named ‘Top 100 Workplace’

Botsford contract with Residential a bid to avert readmissions

Residential Home Health Honored with Top Workplace Designation

Dealing with menopause hot flashes

Researchers look at muscle loss' relationship with ceramide

How Hurricane Sandy can impact seniors

Study looks at how fast a high-fat diet can affect the body

Study shows importance of smoke-free laws across the country

Study finds exercise can make a person smarter as well

Study: Stroke survivors who smoke have much higher risk of experiencing another stroke

Study finds new intervention method to help osteoporosis patients

Breast cancer treatment brachytherapy shows more complications down the line, study shows

Eating legumes each day may keep diabetes symptoms at bay

Study finds strong link between psoriasis and diabetes

Maintaining lower leg muscles beneficial for people of all ages

Study finds Alzheimer's patients do better with less 'visual clutter'

New study provides better understanding to caffeine's effect on Alzheimer's

Researchers tie lung health to changes in cognitive abilities

Researchers discover new findings relating to Alzheimer's care

Researchers tie tomato intake to stroke prevention

Family caregivers performing more complex tasks

Research provides hope for seniors with wet AMD

Researchers suggest there could be a tie between benzodiazepine intake and dementia

Researchers tie chewing to dementia risk

New findings give hope to potential treatment for Alzheimer's care

Researchers show low levels of hormone could be associated with Alzheimer's in men

Research shows lower vitamin D levels could lead to a higher mortality rate

FDA warns against using online pharmacies

Researchers show hope for breast cancer treatments

Researchers show possible dangers associated with early menopause

Study suggests retiring during economy peaks could make for issues

Research explores popularity, cost of total knee replacement surgery

New research finds hope for diabetes treatment

Research provides insight into muscle loss with aging

New research could give hope to Alzheimer's care

More therapists turning to Wii Golf

Prescription costs for Medicare recipients down

Researchers look into how Alzheimer's affects brain networks

Researchers suggest cognitive training to reduce surgery complications

Researchers signal hope for joint replacement materials

Not seeing seniors may give some skewed views of lifespan

Study looks at nurse support to caregivers

Study shows possible Alzheimer's treatment involving an enzyme

Researchers suggest avoiding treatment for mild increases in TSH

Research looks into seniors' views on robot helpers

Researchers discover new findings as to how the brain ages

Research points to ways to prevent elderly falls

Exercise can be good even for frail seniors

Research looks at prevalence of cardiovascular mortality in seniors with OSA

Could chocolate prevent stroke in men?

Researchers look at noninvasive technology to track heart disease risk

Research shows having a job may be beneficial to diabetes care

Leg compressions could benefit stroke recovery

New anti-platelet therapy could reduce risk of cardiac episodes in patients with heart attack history

Researchers look into new diabetes test options

Researchers find mitochondria length could factor into Alzheimer's care

Research shows benefits of 30-minute exercises

Seniors may be in danger of inappropriate prescriptions

Study observes struggles of heart attack victims' spouses

Study ties berry wine to diabetes care

Study: Black stroke survivors have an increased risk of high blood pressure, repeat stroke

Researchers explore the brains of SuperAgers

Researchers explore why seniors may easily fall victim to scams

Researchers suggest a possibility for a heart disease vaccine

New research explores color-coded markets to detect neural diseases

New study finds harmless condition may actually cause more issues for seniors

The home health care field prepares for aging boomers

Study suggests Alzheimer's cognitive decline slows with age

Seriously ill patients have difficulty quitting smoking, drinking

Cataract surgery could decrease one's chance of a hip fracture

Psychiatrist suggests active seniors could ward off depression

Surgical site infection could lead to obesity, high blood sugar

Research suggests meditation could ease loneliness symptoms

Scientists develop ginseng-fortified milk to assist cognitive function

Working to keep Alzheimer's patients independent

Boost in vitamin C dosage could protect against stroke, heart disease

Research shows personal care products could increase diabetes risk in women

Research suggests moderate alcohol could protect against osteoarthritis

Researchers look into why HIV patients may also be at risk for dementia

New research finds promising memory boosting mixture for Alzheimer's

Researchers may have found the secret to aging brains in bees

New study shows higher vitamin D dosage could reduce fracture risk

Researchers may have found osteoarthritis cause

Aging baby boomers cause hospice industry to rethink its strategy

Researchers note fewer cases of vision loss in seniors

Seniors helped with ACA ruling

Study examines the benefits of a low-glycemic index diet

Omega-3s can help healthy, obese older adults lower inflammation

National Council on Aging releases new flu prevention plan aimed at seniors

Diabetic seniors with poor glucose control at greater risk for cognitive decline

For seniors, loneliness and solitary lifestyle can be dangerous

Word recall trouble can be a natural part of aging

Medication mix-ups pose serious threat for seniors

New study shows how immune system could help in the fight against Alzheimer's

Researchers tie vitamin D and calcium combination to longer lifespan

Researchers note older people cannot cross the street as fast as they should

Study outlines the ACA's effect on Californians

Study looks into the stresses of providing Alzheimer's care to a loved one

Researchers tie cognitive problems to walking speed

Research points to gut bacteria that could trigger rheumatoid arthritis

New research looks at potential for predicting Alzheimer's

Rheumatoid arthritis patients who smoke may have problems with treatment

Research ties nursing home teamwork and communication to the quality of care

New research shows common occurrence of hip fractures in elderly

Study finds heart benefits in restricted diet

Obese seniors may have a harder time controlling their asthma

Research ties eating fruits and vegetables, exercise to longer life

New research ties caffeine levels to Alzheimer's prevention

Researchers note healthy habits that could prevent illness

Alzheimer's structure brings potential new treatment pathways

Researchers suggest more guidelines for fish consumption

Researchers develop new model of dementia care

Researchers suggest tart cherries could alleviate arthritis symptoms

New research finds promise in fatty acids to combat age-related vision loss

Research ties family presence to overlooked mental health issues in elderly patients

Vitamin D could keep seniors moving longer

Can you turn that down? Loud music could be to blame for hearing loss

Coffee drinking tied to longer lifespan

New research shows cost benefits to healthy eating

New research casts doubt on good cholesterol benefits

NCOA encourages seniors to get their hearing checked

Exercise could reduce hypertension risk, despite family history

New research sheds light on hospital readmissions

New research stresses importance of looking at co-morbidities in elderly cancer patients

New research touts benefits of continuing osteoarthritis medication

Research sheds light on stroke risk for older women with AF

Researchers developing hip implants that last

New research links having a purpose in life to protecting against Alzheimer's

New treatment could give hope to AMD patients

New research shines light on benefits of jogging

Younger generations take on the demands of caregiving

Patients with diabetes could increase lifespan with proper intervention

Looking at death may give a positive outcome

Study points to connection between nutrition and brain health

More seniors staying in the workforce

Large number of baby boomers lacking a will

New devices can help caregivers keep track of loved ones

Cutting down expenses in retirement can be easy

Oregon art gallery focuses on 'geezers'

Pharmaceutical disposal day approaching

Study points to personal and family-based challenges for family caregivers

Inclusion of survey results in comparison service helps seniors choose home health providers

Key Medicare service for senior care often unused

Women more likely to enter a care home

New research links regular exercise to decreased risk of Alzheimer's

Hospice services: eligibility and care options

New resources may help families choose best nursing home services

New healthcare technology a mixed financial blessing

Seniors have resources for retirement travel

Study identifies health risks of temperature changes for certain seniors

World Health Day 2012 focuses on senior health

Studies show options exist for elderly driving dilemma

Pets a mixed blessing for seniors

Researchers back MRI scans for older Alzheimer's patients

A cross-country journey to show support for caregivers, elderly

Foundations and care groups highlight National Parkinson's Month

New research supports notion of chili peppers as heart healthy

Researchers connect hospital visits to cognitive decline in seniors

Study adds to argument for active lifestyle

Boomers may drastically change retirement housing industry

Medicare Part B annual enrollment period soon to end

Top spots for healthy living and retirement include some surprises

Connection uncovered between cognitive problems and vascular-based eye conditions

Medicare statements getting easier to understand

Sleep disorders may be precipitating cause of degenerative conditions

New mobile devices and apps allow for health monitoring

AARP report indicates pharmaceutical costs rose sharply in recent years

New research points to importance of proper vitamin D dosage for seniors

New research explores benefits of interactive video games for seniors

Beware of scams in all forms of communication

Study suggests that memory strategies may help combat MCI

Studies explore benefits of home health care as medical industry costs rise

Social media participation may help keep retirees healthy, happy

Study shows aging may not have detrimental effects on sleep quality

A good savings plan can help unprepared seniors arrange for retirement

Senior drivers can easily parallel-park with new technology

Retirement tips for senior citizens

Increase in life expectancy leads seniors to new emotions and conclusions about retirement

Smartphone apps can help home health care providers

Online video games may boost cognitive function in seniors

Senior drivers more likely to get into car accidents

Hepatitis C is a silent threat to many baby boomers

Studies link depression to the aging process

Longer life expectancy leads to revision of retirement plans for seniors

Aging baby-boomers boost the home health care market

Strokes can cause eventual eating problems in some patients

Stem cells proven to help heart attack patients

Quality of sleep may affect memory later

Diabetics get to the heart of the problem: Heart disease

Pollution may increase stroke risk

Brain imaging technique may show need for Alzheimer's care early on

Study: Self-control affects cognitive ability in seniors

Exploring the connection between heart disease and depression

MRIs not ultimate diagnostic tool for hip problems

Study: Overeating may increase risk of cognitive impairment

Experts stay skeptical over Alzheimer's breakthrough

Online support may be helpful addition to telehealth

Video exercises may improve home care

Alzheimer's discoveries on the rise, funding granted

Researchers offer analysis to improve joint replacements

Study: Stem cells can be used for bone strength

Anemia makes strokes more dangerous

Older women should focus on triglycerides to detect stroke risk

Gene mutations in early- and late-onset Alzheimer's the same

Alzheimer's protein may affect healthy brains, too

Heart failure patients may need help to remember care plan

New technology may lead to improvements in Parkinson's research

Blood pressure technique may help doctor determine heart disease risk

Cardiovascular health starts early in life

Milk proven to have cognitive benefits

Study: Dental hygiene important for cardiovascular health

Certain factors predict disabilities in elderly

Vitamin D may prevent age-related eye diseases

Critics wonder if NAPA goals are attainable

Paula Deen uses diabetes diagnosis to help others

Technology allows for meaningful storytelling in hospice

Technology shows caregivers dementia symptoms

Multiple medications increase fall risk

Study: Heart attack education may save lives

Caregivers are more stressed than ever

Medicare plans offer fitness club memberships to improve health

Light caregiving may be good for seniors

Hospitalizations for dementia patients are preventable

Liver disease puts burden on healthcare system

Study: Bone health key in older women

Nicotine patches may help in dementia care

U.S. hospitals and doctors to try new Medicare model

Prevent Falls this Winter

Particular brain scan proven effective for dementia diagnosis

Residential Home Health Named a Top 100 Work Place for 2011

Residential Home Health Has Dramatically Reduced Hospital Readmissions For Chronically Ill Patients With New CHAMP Offering

Residential Home Health Private Care Attendant Uses Kayak to Reach Clients Home During Flood

Residential Home Health Promotes Pamela Eulberg to Vice President of Quality and Compliance