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Residential Home Health Has Dramatically Reduced Hospital Readmissions For Chronically Ill Patients With New CHAMP Offering

Posted by Oryan Agency on Jun 1, 2011 1:19:00 PM

Early intervention, behavior modification and daily vital sign monitoring with Philips Telehealth Solutions contribute to reducing unnecessary hospitalizations and improving patient outcomes.

Madison Heights, MI – Residential Home Health announced that they have reduced their 30-day readmit rate to 3% for Medicare patients with chronic heart failure (CHF) and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) since they implemented their new service offering, CHAMP (Cardiopulmonary Hospital Admit Management Program), in July 2010. Each year over 1 million people are admitted to an inpatient setting for Heart Failure according to the Center for Disease Control (2006), and 27% of patients with HF on Medicare are readmitted within 30 days (New England Journal of Medicine, Jencks, Williams, & Coleman, 2009).

CHAMP stands for Cardiopulmonary Hospital Admit Management Program and is Residential Home Health’s comprehensive solution to the growing number of unnecessary hospital readmissions for chronically ill patients. Residential ’s CHAMP Care Team consists of highly-trained nurses, therapists and pharmacists who focus on the Center for Disease Control’s three primary causes for readmission: No post-acute care after discharge, medication errors and improper diet and nutrition. By intervening immediately after the patient is discharged from the hospital, coaching the patient and caregiver on long-term behavior modifications and integrating Philips Telehealth Solutions to daily monitor the patient’s vital signs at home, CHAMP has led to fewer unplanned hospitalizations and enhanced patient self-care.

“Unplanned, avoidable readmissions represent approximately $15 billion in unnecessary costs to Medicare each year. Residential’s CHAMP offering represents four plus years of learnings and investments by our company to deal head-on with the central problem in caring for chronically ill patients at home in the most innovative, comprehensive way possible,” said David Curtis, President of Residential Home Health.

Hundreds of physicians and dozens of health systems throughout Michigan and Illinois have referred chronically ill patients to Residential because of the reduction in their patient readmission rates. Jerry Wilborn, M.D., a pulmonary critical care specialist and hospitalist who refers some patients from Botsford Hospital in Michigan to Residential, said he uses data collected by Residential to determine if patients need treatment plan changes. Wilborn said physicians want to know home health agencies’ readmission rates before making referrals to them. “The results that Residential gets (are) very significant and meaningful to us,” Wilborn said. “If a patient bounces back to the hospital, the hospital gets dinged and asks us about our discharge plan.”

Residential Home Health developed its successful CHAMP program incorporating Philips wireless telehealth technology. Patients with chronic diseases like heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and hypertension take their own vital sign measurements, including weight, blood pressure, pulse, and blood oxygen levels at home using small wireless devices. Residential telehealth nurses remotely monitor the patient data daily and send back short health assessment surveys and educational information to help manage their health.

“CHAMP is extremely successful at helping prevent unnecessary hospital admissions by minimizing the time it takes to respond and intervene when our patients have a change in their health status,” said Deborah Gulbrand, RN, Residential’s Director of Cardiopulmonary Disease Management.

Residential Home Health is a top provider of Philips Telehealth Solutions in the U.S and in the past 3 years has become the largest provider in both Michigan and Illinois. During this time Residential has provided approximately 25,000 days of remote telemonitoring services to over 3,000 patients.

About Residential Home Health

Residential Home Health has been a leading provider of home nursing and therapy services throughout Michigan since 2001 and northwestern Illinois since 2009. Residential is an ACHC accredited home care agency and recognized by Homecare Elite as one of the top home care agencies nationally for patient outcomes. In addition to home nursing and therapy services, Residential’s umbrella of care provides hospice and palliative care, private care services such as bathing and companionship, and a full-service pharmacy providing home medical equipment, diabetic supplies, prescription medications and IV infusion services.

Residential Home Health is the only home care agency to provide the BetterCare Promise, a company-wide pledge and commitment to all patients and providers that when they choose Residential Home Health they will receive a level of quality and service unrivaled in the home care industry. Through the BetterCare Promise every patient receives clinical excellence, a dedicated care coordinator, and 24/7 clinical support.

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